The Angry Dwarf

Created by Tristan MacDonald, Wesley Ahrens, Mitchell Winter and Andrew Ivany

Description:  In this game, players take control of Angus, a rather large bearded Dwarf. He is known for his short temper and excellent brewing skills.  Angus’ prize winning keg of ale has been stolen by his jealous cousin, Jeb.  Now, Angus must chase after his cousin to recover his precious prize.  Jeb has left puzzles and enemies to stop Angus in his path, but Angus will stop at nothing to reclaim his prized ale. 

Creator Notes:  This was the first digital game I worked on.  Since the base concept of the game was based on my pitch idea, I took on the role of project lead.  This was my first real exercise in leading a team in any real capacity.  My general plan was to play to people’s strengths.   If I knew someone was better at scripting that is where I put them. If someone was better at sound and audio, they were busy making music.

It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped, there was always some overlap in roles.  I personally took on a hefty role with art and animation, and level design.  I also managed the game design document and assets list.   It was a long hard process.   However, looking back at it now, it was a great accomplishment for our first game. We really came together as a team.  I am looking forward to working on future projects with this team.

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Game Design Document