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Description: Maxn, which roughly translated means “battle”, is a printable card battle game. The game is similar in play style to games like Yu-gi-oh and Magic: The Gathering.  The game focuses on gladiatorial combat in a far off land.  It is a fantasy based setting, therefore the combatants range from fairies to slime monsters. Players choose their combatant, then equip them with weapons and shields drawn from the deck.  The last player to have any remaining health points is declared the victor!

Creator’s Notes:  Maxn was my first solo project in my game design course.  In retrospect, if I had my time back I wouldn’t have chosen a card battle game.   The rules and game mechanics were really difficult to balance.   The large amount of artwork, didn’t help the process either.  However, I did my best to make it pretty and fun to play.  Playtesting was favourable among people familiar with these types of games, but not so much with those who were new to card games.  I am currently looking at making the game more easy to follow for those new to these type of games.

It may seem like I’m coming off a bit negative, however I did enjoy working on this game immensely.  The large amount of design work it required gave me greater respect for what goes into making games like this.  It taught me how to manage my time, and the importance of playtesting with a varied assortment of players.  The characters and weapons were fun to design too.



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Description: Seagull is an inspirational game about recycling.  The game divides players into two teams and sends them on a scavenger hunt for plastic recyclables. It is as if they were seagulls, scavenging for food.  The teams arrange their bottles in a spiral like pattern, similar to a nautilus shell.  Once the time limit is up, the teams compare their “shells” to see which is larger.  Then, before the winner is announced, the players are shown a slide show of information on the “Great Pacific Garbage Vortex”. This is an enormous “plastic island” found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As it’s name implies, it is composed primarily of discarded plastics.  The players are then made to realize, exactly what they have been building with their bottles…..plastic islands.   The teams are the asked…….”Who won?”  This opens up discussion on the subject and creates awareness on this horrible problem in the Pacific Ocean.

Creator’s Notes:  This game was really difficult to come up with.  I had initially chosen the topic of recycling because I thought it would be easier.  I was wrong.  Ha  ha! There are so many games and activities on the subject that its really hard to make something new and inspirational.  I needed a topic, something that there wasn’t a lot of awareness on.  That is where “Plastic Island”  came in.  A reliable source, suggested I take a look at it, and so it was off to Google I went.  The images I found shocked and horrified me.  To think that something this large and harmful existed and we completely overlook it, is just appalling.  It was here I decided to design my game to raise awareness on the subject.

This project taught me a valuable lesson. That lesson, was that sometimes things are harder than they seem. It also showed me how games can influence and inspire people to consider and do things they probably wouldn’t normally.  Overall, I think the game was a success.  The playtesters I found, were shocked at the sight of the images shown to them at the end of the scavenger hunt.  If they didn’t recycle before, they assured me they would try to do so moving forward.



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