Socializing: The Game

Created by Tristan MacDonald

Description: This simple casual game was designed to help new college students improve their social skills.  The game teaches students that one of the easiest ways to meet new friends, is to find common interest with people.   I performed research on the subject to gain a better understanding of the educational aspects of what I was trying to achieve.  Players make new friends in the game by finding items that give them common interest with the other characters.  The game has several endings depending on how many friends the player makes.

Creator Notes: This was my first solo created game, which meant all the roles belonged to me.   This was quite a different beast for me, as I hadn’t really done much of the scripting aspect with the Game Maker program.  My skills with this were somewhat basic.  However, I quickly figured out how to apply what I did know.  The things I did not know, I researched. When that failed to yield results, I asked one of my classmates who did have a better grasp of the program.   The time I spent figuring out the scripting ultimately lead me to keeping the artwork very simple, with little to no animations.  I currently plan on correcting this now that I have more free time.  Still, I am satisfied with the game.  I was especially happy that I managed to add the gender option to the game.

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