CTF: Amazon

Created by Tristan MacDonald

Description: This was my first original UDK map.  Players fight it out among tropical ruins, in a good old capture the flag map.  A raising bridge, underwater passages and run down caves, provide players with the paths they need to infiltrate the enemy base.

Creator Notes:  This is my first level where I created nearly all the assets for myself (I used a default sky box).  I think it turned out pretty well overall.  There were hiccups of course, like with any first attempt at something.  It was here, that I had to learn about balancing competitive gameplay.  I had to make sure that both teams had equal footing when going head to head.  Initially, the blue base was a mirror of the red one.  While this did make things balanced, it also made things predictable. Therefore, I altered the layout of the blue base somewhat. Now, the blue base has a different, yet similar layout. It is enough to keep gameplay balanced, but not make the two bases exactly the same.

Another important lesson I learned here, was the benefits of photography.  Several of the textures I created for this level, were made using photos I took around the school campus and the community in general.  Practices like this not only help you in your work, but also make you more aware of the world around you.  It really makes you stop and focus on the simple things in life and nature.

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