Frion Prison Complex

Created by: Tristan MacDonald

Description: An intergalactic prison on a distant frozen world,  the Frion complex was once a staple in the Galactic Federation until it was shut down.  Recently however, the facility has come back online.  As a skilled hacker, you have been hired to access one of the facilities’ robot guards remotely and investigate the prison.

Creator’s Notes: This level was part of a larger class project. The back story of the level is that all the criminals in the prison have had their brains implanted into robotic bodies. I think it works.  Ha ha!

I think this one really showed me how easy it can be to get stuck.  There was a period of time where I was at a huge creative block.  The gears were turning, but there was a cog missing.  It was here that I had to find ways to get the juices flowing again.  One trick I found that helped, was to turn my focus towards less creative matters.  This included things like working on the level design document or testing game mechanics.  Another trick, was to doodle or sketch in my free time.  Generally, once I started drawing with more freedom, I found creativity returned and I was able to target it towards my projects.  The core is a prime example of that.  I started doodling robots one day at lunch and then…eureka!  I knew what the core should look like.

While there were a few wish list items I would have liked to include in this level, like my collapsible walkways. I am pleased with the end result.  I’m actually quite happy with how the snow and many of my static meshes turned out.



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Level Design Document

Log File

The log file is a document we were assigned to create while working on this level.  It’s purpose was to help us keep track of the various version files of our level.  Referencing this document, we were able to know what file to go back to if we made a mistake.  This really helped me out at times. I recall a situation where adding in new geometry to the level, caused other parts of my level to vanish entirely.  It was a good thing I had been keeping track of the version control with this log file.  Otherwise, I might have been in hot soup.  Ha ha!




Video Run Through

This is a quick run through of my level.  Enjoy!