About Me

546229_10151508357905313_395053227_n  Tristan MacDonald

  Artist and Game Designer

  “Life is the moment between birth and death, so in that moment……laugh.”




I grew up  on the west coast of Newfoundland.  While I’ve lived in many settlements over the years, I currently call Stephenville my home.

I have always enjoyed drawing since I was very young. I took private art lessons in drawing and painting during high school.  I also worked through books and tutorials over the years.

When the time came to seek out college, I first chose a path in digital animation.  I attended the College of the North Atlantic and spent two years learning the craft, both 2D and 3D disciplines.  My passion for games brought me back to college to learn Video Game Design and gain experience in the pipeline of developing full games.

Since graduating, I have completed my first contract working as a Graphic Artist for the College of the North Atlantic.  Our goal was to develop an online virtual community in conjunction with Memorial University.

This community, also called the NL Grid, will help provide virtual learning environments for students both in class and those studying through distance education programs.  My job was to develop a starter area where both students and teachers could learn to navigate and use the world for their own projects.  I used my knowledge of game and level design to make this environment fun and interactive, as well as guide the users to different areas of the world.  My skills in 2D and 3D art also helped me to create and import new objects and textures into the world.  The most rewarding part was seeing the first full class enter the NL Grid and not only learn, but have fun doing so.

Since my contract is now done, I eagerly look for my next project.  In the meantime, I continue to develop my own little games for fun.   I have also opened myself up for art commissions for the time being as well.


Laser Explosion